Lithium Orotate


Supports a Stable Mood & Healthy Emotional State

Get an edge on life by taking the edge off life! Lithium Orotate provides nutritional support to promote a balanced mood, and a healthy response to stress. The combination of lithium bound to orotic acid is like brain food that supports a stable, balanced mental state, and overall neurological health.

  • Encourages Normal Brain Health & Function
  • Supports a Calm, Balanced Mood
  • Reduces Irritability & Frustration



What Is Lithium Orotate?

Few things are as important as your mental well-being. If your mood is off or you experience a lot of stressful moments, you may notice a slow down with your energy and outlook on life.

Lithium is a naturally occurring, essential trace mineral with a long, proven history of therapeutic use for supporting a healthy mood and overall mental wellness. Combining it with orotic acid creates Lithium Orotate — specialized nutrition that support a happy mood, healthy stress response, and normal cognitive function.

Each vegetarian capsule provides 10 mg of elemental lithium, and every 60-capsule bottle lasts 30 days when used as directed.

The Top 5 Reasons You Need Lithium Orotate

Helps to Balance Mood: Lithium Orotate supports normal brain chemistry to help you stay calm during stressful times.

Boosts Happiness: Lithium Orotate can counteract sadness and despair so you can feel joy again.

Sharpens Concentration: Aids brain receptors and neurotransmitters to help improve focus and attention.

Improve Your Outlook: Lithium Orotate can help lift your spirits so you can stay balanced and equipped to deal with life.

Promotes Restful Sleep: By helping you relax and feel calm, Lithium Orotate sets the stage for restful sleep.


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